Above: Portland Terrace.  2nd left, Reg Calvert. Dorothy Calvert.  Car - Sheerline, is being loaded up with speakers and equipment for a show that Reg is putting on at a dancehall.  c1957.  Reg made his own speakers and amplifers and began to put together 'Teen Beat' shows for teenagers.  He led the way in providing teenage entertainment in the U.K. 

Below:  Railway Hotel, club. Wolston.  Reg played the piano here and acted as compere. c 1953. 

Southampton Photographs dating from 1950 - 1960.  The 'Southampton Years,' when Reg and Dorothy Calvert moved from Huddersfield to Hedge End, near Southampton in 1949.  They lived for three years in an old bus that Reg had converted into a caravan.  Reg tried many ways to earn money to live, including making popcorn, having a sweet shop and becoming a radio and television engineer.....  When he heard 'Rock Around The Clock' by Bill Haley, he had a dream.  To bring Rock 'n' Roll to England.  

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These are just a few of the photographs from the 'Calvert' collection. 

Photo right: Derby Road, Southampton.  Vans being loaded up to go to dancehalls.  Left: Reg Calvert, Dave Da Costa, Danny Storm, Ricky Fever, Dave Jay (on roof) Baby Bubbly, Eddie Sex. c 1960.  Photo Below:  In the New Forest. Dave Jay, Reg Calvert, Baby Bubbly, Carol, Danny Storm, Eddie Sex, Dave Da Costa.  c 1960. Right: Rory Blackwell, rear of St Mary's High Street and the Bandbox.  Had an entry in the Guiness Book of Records for drumming at the Bandbox in St Mary's Southampton.

Photo above:  Southampton Civic Centre. Tom Calvert. Susan and Candy Calvert. c1957,  Photo Left: Portland Terrace, Southampton. Left: Susan Calvert, centre: Vince Eager (singer) right: Candy Calvert.  c1958.  Photo Below: Portland Terrace, Southampton. Dorothy Calvert and Sheerline Car, loaded up with equipment for dancehall show.

These are just few of the 'Southampton' photographs that begin to tell the amazing story.  




Photo Left:  Portland Terrace, Southampton. Dorothy Calvert with 'glitterball' that Reg and Dorothy had made for the Southampton Guildhall.  It was considered too heavy for the ceiling and was installed instead in the Royal Pier Ballroom. c1958.  Above:  Millbank Street, Southampton on bomb site, vehicles that Reg Calvert owned - he took to the markets to sell sweets and popcorn.  Photo Below: Northam, Southampton.  Hartley's Sweetshop.  Reg Calvert converted this from a butcher's shop. c1953.

LEFT:  'POPCORN TO ROCK 'N' ROLL.'  The story of the 'Southampton Years.'  

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