An exciting new play (with music) by award winning author,

Susan K. Moore.  Suitable for young performers aged 12 - 30+. 

For more information visit: https://sites.google.com/site/regcalvertplays/home

Unlike many plays of the period, this is a powerful 'rags to riches' story, funny and poignant.  based on real people, real events and happenings from 1946 - 1965.

It can be performed as a 'straight' play, with recorded extracts

or as a 'Musical' with a band.  There are new original songs plus many existing songs recorded by bands and singers that were managed by Reg Calvert.

The size of cast - is adaptable to suit the theatre company.  There are some 'fun'' zany characters.

Stage Set - can be fairly simple with black backdrop. 

Props: Table and chairs, lawn mower (optional). Tin bath. typewriter, telephone, radio gram, record player etc.

This play is versatile and adaptable, so that the Director can select scenes to suit his cast and staging. 

IMAGES -  photographs are available to be projected during the running of the play.

There are no performance royalties for amateur theatre groups to perform this play up to December 2012. Maximum 8 performances and maximum theatre size 350 seats.

SCRIPTS: £7.50 each

£4.50 refunded at end of production if returned in un-worn condition.

Available from: Play Publications

Email: fillongleypub @ btinternet. com







TOP:  Roger James, Roy Young and Glen Dale on the lawn mower, Clifton Hall 1961.

CENTRE: Reg Calvert (holding sheet music of song: I love you, Honest I do) Singer: Danny Storm.  Roger James, Tony Clarke. (Drummer ?)

BOTTOM: Reg Calvert with Baby Bubbly. (also Dave Da Costa, Danny Storm, Ricky Fever, Glen Dale.