Photo:  S.K. Moore

On midsummer evening, 1966, my father left our apartment in London  calling out,  'goodbye.'   We none of us replied and he never returned.   A few  hours later  he was shot and killed.  This one event made an enormous impact on my life and many others.   

 I have been collecting memories and information about Reg and Dorothy Calvert,  my parents, their lives and what they achieved.  First, I decided to write their story as a stage play.   The challenge of writing a play with the option of music and songs was exciting and eventually it was produced by Peter's Players in Old Windsor in 2009 and again at the Abbey Theatre, Nuneaton,  in 2011 with  music and images projected on a screen.  It was a fantastic success with many of the audience asking 'When is the book coming out?'  and 'It ought to be a film?'

Encouraged, I started work on the 'book.'  The story lends itself easily into three parts.  Popcorn to Rock 'n' Roll - (the early years 1946 - 1960.)  Clifton Hall  - (School of rock 'n' Roll years 1961 - 1965.)   Life and Death of a Pirate - (The pirate radio years.)   

They say fact is stranger than fiction.  I hope the books surprise you, shock you, make you laugh and cry!  Most of all, I hope you enjoy reading them.   You can contact me through this web site and let me know! 


Award Winning Writer and Artist.  Business Woman of the Year 1998 for Coventry and Warwickshire.  

Published Books: 

'Popcorn to Rock 'n' Roll'  by S.K. Moore  More details on home page.  Available to order direct from Fillongley Publications email fillongleypub @ or from Amazon.  Also available as an e book on Amazon Kindle. 

'THE ENCHANTED CASTLE'  Magical thriller, based on the siege at Kenilworth Castle in 1266.  Illustrated.  Two children get 'lost' in time and have to find their way back with the help of Grumple Fairy and the Witch of Crackley Woods.  1993 Winner of the Best Children's Book - David St John Thomas Award. ( The book was read in many schools.)

I REMEMBER BARE BOTTOMS & STINGING NETTLES.'   Unique history of the rise and decline of village schools, rural childhood and biographies.  With photographs, illustrated and in full colour.  £13.50.   2006 Winner of the Best Non Fiction Book and Best Self Published book of the Year.  David St John Thomas Award.  Oct. 2005 History Book of the Month - Warwickshire Libraries.  2005 Commended by the Arts Council for Community Publishing.

I REMEMBER STRAWBERRIES & SEWAGE' Twenty biographies with photographs of village life in a Warwickshire village.