REG CALVERT.  Both his parents were musicians and he played in a little band with his grandfather from an early age.  At seventeen, he was compering 'big band' dances at the Huddersfield Baths. After his marriage to Dorothy - they moved south and he put together a big band and ran ball room dances for the Bannister Ballroom. He also played piano and compered other shows.  When he first heard 'Rock around the Clock' by Bill Haley and the Comets - he had a new ambition - to bring Rock 'n' Roll to England. 

He was the first to do this.  He formed three professional 'road shows' that toured the country performing at various dance halls and bringing a new kind of entertainment to England.  He was the first to hold open air rock concerts.  First to form 'tribute' bands/singers.  Buddy Britten looked like Buddy Holly.  Danny Storm looked like Cliff Richard - with his hair dyed black - but he soon reverted to blond hair and had a huge 'female' following.  Eddie Sex - looked like Elvis Presley.  Baby Bubbly - like Cuddly Dudley. 

He had many 'careers' up to this point, flitting from job to job and never settling at anything for very long.  He was ambitious and wanted to work for himself - but with a wife and two young children to support - it was difficult.   He was a qualified hairdresser, did his military service as the camp 'barber.' Made pop corn and sold it on the markets. Bought a sweet factory for £5 and made sweets. Had a sweet shop. Became a radio and television engineer. 

Within a short time of making the decision to form 'rock 'n' roll' bands he became well known in the south of England for his professional shows and singers.  Everyone said he was 'ahead' of his time.

In 1961 he bought Clifton Hall, near Rugby.  This became known as the 'School of Rock 'n' Roll'. 

1963 - he was manager to Screaming Lord Sutch and suggested for a publicity campaign - that he stand for the By Election at Stratford upon Avon - Profumo's old seat.  Dorothy wrote the manifesto.  A silly idea at the time - but within five years it was law.  Teenagers should have the vote at 18.

Photos: 1956. Loading up an old car for the dances in Portland Terrace, Southampton.  1961. Loading up vans at Clifton Hall for the dances.   Within 5 years - he had made a huge success.