PHOTOGRAPHS BELOW of 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 re-unions.  The re-unions were organised by Susan Moore (nee Calvert) Nearly everyone (the old  'boys') had worked for Reg and Dorothy Calvert between 1959 - 1966.  Their memories are being 'collected' and written into a trilogy by Susan.  The first book, Popcorn to Rock 'n' Roll is now published.  The second and third book are likely to be published in 1966 - in one large volume to include all three books.   

2012 Re-Union.  The first time many of the 'boys' had met in 50 years.  Arranged by Susan Moore, the daughter of Reg and Dorothy Calvert in her home and studio.           PHOTO ABOVE  left: Danny Storm (singer - (see youtube: Honest I Do.).   Glen Dale, formerly singer with the Fortunes (see him on youtube with the Fortunes 'You've Got Your Troubles and other hit songs)  Roger James (see the songs he has written and performed on youtube, Roger James Four).    PHOTO ABOVE Right: Lunch  Mike Banks nearest - formerly Mike Everest (and the Alpines).   Left: Sue & Barney Peacock. Right: Sylvia Anderson and Glen Dale. Centre rear - Danny Storm (David Hurran).                              PHOTO Below:  Barney Peacock, drummer, formerly with Buddy Britten and the Regents. 

Photo Above: Tom Long and Tony Newman, Pinkerton's Assorted Colours.  They still perform as a group and their song 'Mirror Mirror can be seen on youtube.                          Photo Below - Barney Peacock,  Geoff Chalk, Tony Burnett and Colin Angel (Wilsher).  Geoff, Tony and Colin were the first 'Strollers, backing Danny Storm in Southampton.  Danny Storm (centre). Chris Capaldi (in white) pianist (fantastic!).  Glen Dale formerly singer with the Fortunes.     Photo Right: Chris Capaldi with Barney Peacock in the 'Studio' amongst Susan's paintings.    

Photo Right: Tom Long, Glen Dale, Roger James, David St John, Steve Jones - all singing 'You've Got Your Troubles' by the Fortunes.  Photo Below: 2012 Re-Union, all together with wives and partners (and Susan's dog, Rosie). 

PHOTO ABOVE:  (in front of window) Dave Jay (formerly Reg Calvert's right hand man, managed the Bandbox Shop and then went on to helping to run dances and assist with the groups.   With his partner Barry.  Talking to Mike and Tony Newman.                          PHOTO RIGHT:  Susan Calvert (Moore) with her dog Rosie.                                             PHOTO BELOW:  Jamming together - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - Mike Summerson, Tony Newman, Steve Jones, Tom Long, Mike Pruden.  Barny Peacock on drums.           PHOTO BELOW RIGHT:  Geoff Chalk and Colin Angel (Wilsher) with Andy Brown on drums. 

2013 Re-Union.  It was a wonderful day in May and the lunch party was in the garden.     PHOTO ABOVE: Johnny Martin, Danny Storm, Glen Dale, Colin Angel, Geoff Chalk.           PHOTO LEFT :   Tom Long, Roger James and Barney Peacock setting up.  The musicians brought their guitars, drums, microphones and loud speakers and we hand a Rock 'n'Roll party in the garden - that could be heard several miles away !!          PHOTO BELOW:  CHRIS AND ARLENE CAPOLDI.  

PHOTOS BELOW:  2014 REUNION.  The weather was again another  wonderful day with lunch in the garden followed by  the most amazing 'Rock 'n' Roll' show that could be heard several miles away.                                                                       PHOTO  below Left:   For the first time, Roy Young with his wife Carol joined us.  PHOTO  below:  Don Ker, Johnny Martin, Tony Burnett and Geoff Chalke.  Colin Angel in turquoise behind - and partners and friends enjoying lunch.  

PHOTO ABOVE:  Jamming together - left Mike Summerson, Andy Brown on drums (formerly with the Fortunes), Mike Pruden and Steve Jones.                                                 PHOTO RIGHT:  Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - with Mike, Andy Brown, Tony Newman (singing) Steve and Mike.                                                                                                                       PHOTO BELOW:  Roger James (Scarrott).  When he worked for Reg Calvert he was sent to the Top Ten club in Hamburg as  'Robbie Hood' with Glen Dale.  They took over from the Beatles.  When Roger returned to England he was not disappointed to find that  Reg had found another 'Robbie Hood' (Mike West, sadly, no longer with us). 

(Below) 2015 Reunion.  The weather was cold so we were unable to sit outside in the garden for our 'jamming' session.  Instead, our lounge became a 'stage' and everyone enjoyed the 'concert' from all around the house.

Freddy Were, still 'rocking, age 82.  He worked for Reg Calvert 1959 - 60, playing a white double bass as Freddy Were and the Were Wolves. He changed his name to Tony Rocco and found recording success.  Has recently published a very good book 'Rocky Road.'

(Below)Tanya Day (Mary Blizzard) with her husband Paul behind.  On a visit 2014. 

2015 Re-union.  Above:  Stuart Coleman. Steve Jones. Phil Clough.

Below: Some of the signatures of the 'guys' who came to the 2015 re-union.

THANK YOU                                                                                                                                                     (Below) Roger James (Scarrott) with Barney Peacock on Drums.

PHOTO ABOVE:  Roy Young on piano, backed by the ex Choir Boys / Strollers.  Geoff Chalke, Colin Angel (Wilsher), Tony Burnett on drums.  Roger James.  Roy was amazing  and gave us a fantastic impromtu performance.  (see youtube -  'Roy Young on my piano' a film taken in the U.S.A. on a boat.   Also Roy Young and the Beatles).        PHOTO BELOW:  Steve Jones accompanying his 16 year old granddaughter Georgia.  She has a beautiful beautiful voice. 

2014. Below - supper time.  The end of a wonderful day.

2015 Reunion: Below:  Phil Clough. Mike Everest (Mike Banks) of Mike Everest and the Alpines.  He was amazing - and really 'rocked'.  Tony Newman. Derek Diamond.  

2015 Re-union.  Phil Clough. Roger James. Tony Newman. Derek Diamond.

2015 Re-Union. Phil Clough. Tony Tipper (drums). Tony Newman (Pinkerton's Assorted Colours). Derek Diamond (Jimmy Stevens & the Jackpots).

2015 Re-Union. (Below): Phil Clough. Tony Tipper. Tony Newman. Derek Diamond.

2015 Re-Union. (Below):  Andy Brown (Fortunes). Glen Dale (Fortunes). Barney Peacock. 

(Right):Lunch.  Andy Brown. David Garforth (Glen's son). Glen Dale.