2016 THE LAST - CLIFTON HALL REUNION. More than 50 years on - people that worked for Reg and Dorothy Calvert, get together for a party. Even though Reg and Dorothy are no longer with us, they are remembered. They gave many young musicians and singers their first opportunity to 'turn' professional and have a career in music. They ran dance halls across the country, bringing entertainment for the first time to the 'new' teenager. Reg organised the first outdoor rock concerts - long before Glastonbury. Dorothy wrote the manifesto for 'Votes For Teenagers' (a silly idea at the time) for Screaming Lord Sutch. Reg managed the Fortunes, Pinkerton's Assorted Colours, Screaming Lord Sutch and many more. 

BELOW: A special celebration cake made by Samantha (Tanya Day's daughter).  

Tony Newman (wearing pink shirt), Pinkerton's Assorted Colours. He wrote 'Mirror Mirror' which  did well in the charts in 1966.   Behind him: Tony Collier - who was in the 'Strangers'. On the drums - Larry Reddington who was formerly a drummer for Danny Storm in the Strollers. Steve Jones (Pinkerton's) and behind him, Mike Pruden (Pinkerton's).

 Many of the musicians and singers that worked for Reg and Dorothy Calvert - are still 'rocking' and after lunch in the garden - have fun jamming together. 

 It was good to see Tanya Day again (Mary Blizzard). She had retired from performing a few years ago to help her husband run a hotel. She was one of the first 'rock' singers in the country, and backed by the Beatles at the Star Club in Hamburg. (Photo's and story in the book: Clifton Hall - School of Rock 'n' Roll). Even though she had not sang for a few years - she was fantastic!

Colin Angel (Wilsher) and the Choir Boys are featured in Book One: Popcorn to Rock 'n' Roll. They are still 'rocking' although Colin did not sing this time as he had recently had an operation on his throat. This is how you look after a night at a Premier Inn!