Popcorn to Rock 'n' Roll by S.K. Moore, paperback is available from Amazon Books: £7.50. (Hardback available from Fillongley Publications). Also as Kindle ebook with 20 photographs. http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/BOOK1IJAJ8

Book One: 1946 - 1960

The first book of a remarkable biographical history that reads like a novel from an award-winning writer.  Post war Britain, Reg and Dorothy Calvert marry and with little money, live in an old bus.  Reg tries various ways to make a living but when he first hears Bill Haley's 'Rock Around The clock,' he has a dream, to bring Rock 'n' Roll to England.

An extraordinary story of success and failure, following 1950's music trends.  Reg is enterprising and inventive, and like the Pied Piper, young musicians and singers give up their jobs to follow him as he pursues his dream.

Published 2014 by Fillongley Publications

Hardback: £16.50  Paperback: £7.50 Also as Amazon Kindle e book with photographs.

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An amazing, fast moving story that follows social change and music trends in the early days of 
Rock 'n' Roll, giving a humorous and poignant account of life and events 1946 - 1960. Intertwined in Calvert story are the lives of the 'boys,' musicians and singers, who gave up jobs and apprenticeships to follow Reg and become dance-hall Rock 'n' Roll stars.  
When you are eighteen and madly in love, you disregard the consequences and advice you are given.  Reg and Dorothy Calvert marry in 1946, post war Britain, and struggle to find a house or employment, but undaunted, Reg converts an old bus into a caravan and they travel south from Huddersfield to Southampton.  For three years they live in an apple orchard while Reg flits from job to job, never settling down.  Reg treats life as one big adventure and when he hears 'Rock Around the Clock' by Bill Haley, he has a dream to bring Rock 'n' Roll to England.  Reg Calvert probably employed more pop groups, musicians and singers than anyone else by 1960, becoming a big influence on the music scene for decades to come.
The book may surprise you, shock you and make you laugh.  There is, of course, love, sex, drugs and ..... rock 'n' roll, but not in the way you would imagine!!