First Performed: by the Peter's Players, Old Windsor. Oct. 2009

2nd Performance: at the Abbey Theatre. November 2011 - Cast from show in pictures below.  This play told the amazing story of Reg & Dorothy Calvert's lives, from 1946 - 1967.  With extracts from music and songs recorded by Reg's 'stars' and new song by Susan Moore. Archive photographs were projected during the play and guest band was Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - originally 'discovered' by Reg & Dorothy.

David Adey - as Narrator

(below) 'Calvert' family - Susan, Reg and Dorothy, played by Emma Harris, Chris Roberts and Jackie Thomas. 

PINKERTON'S ASSORTED COLOURS: DANCERS: Strictly Jitterbug Mad Hatters Dance Club from Rugby

Jackie Thomas - Plays Dorothy Calvert 

Emma Harris - plays Susan Calvert. (Family connection- Emma is Susan Calvert's grand daughter.) 

Pinkerton's Assorted Colours  (Discovered by Reg and Dorothy Calvert in the 1960's- Had a top twenty hit with 'Mirror Mirror).  

Top Above (left): Andrea Daniels - plays Newspaper Seller & News Reporter.  Top Above (right) Janice Everton - plays Dorothy's mother. Above (left)    Steve Crump - plays Major Smedley (and Engineer & Disc Jockey) visit Utube for performance: Smedley 1 Death of a Pirate.  Above (right) Chris Roberts - plays Reg Calvert.

Top above (left): 'Calvert' family scene from the show.:   Top above and below (right)  Jason Read as Screaming Lord Sutch (also plays newspaper seller and disc jockey).     Above (left) Terry Wells - Engineer & Disc Jockey.    Above (right) Sam Roberts - plays young man and Tom Edwards.

(Above) Susan (nee Calvert) Playwright & Director.