4th November, 2011. Abbey Theatre Nuneaton.
What a night!  ~ After a 'poor' dress rehearsal the previous night - we were all worried.  But on the night - we pulled it off and everyone came out of the theatre 'buzzing'.  It was great to hear the audience laughing and enjoying the play.  The story of Reg and Dorothy's lives is extraordinary. Full of drama, highs and lows.  Not what the audience were expecting.  Many of the audience remembered them, Glen Dale, Andy Brown, Barney Peacock, Roger Scarrott - had lived at Clifton Hall (School of Rock 'n' Roll) and others had either come to their dances or been in one of the bands who had played for them.  The BBC Midlands Today came and filmed part of the rehearsal on Tuesday and broadcast an interview on Thursday 3rd November.   Pinkerton's Assorted Colours were the guest band - and they were brilliant and played on by popular demand - long after the play had finished as the audience didn't seem to want to go home.  They were discovered by Reg and Dorothy Calvert and had a top twenty success with 'Mirror Mirror.'   One of the main comments repeated by the audience as they came out of the theatre was 'This ought to be a film'.