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An extraordinary story of real lives in postwar England, of love, passion and Rock 'n' Roll by award winning writer, S.K. Moore. There is of course, sex and drugs within the story but not in the way you would imagine. A fast moving story, described by some readers as some as similar to a Catherine Cookson. When Reg and Dorothy Calvert marry in 1946, they are just 18 years old, ambitious and poor. With not enough money to rent a house, Reg buys an old bus and converts it into a caravan and they move from Huddersfield to Hedge End near Southampton and live in an apple orchard for three years. Reg tries many ways to earn a living, including making popcorn. When he first hears Rock Around the Clock by Bill Haley he decides to bring Rock 'n' Roll to England. Within a short time, young musicians, guitarists, drummers and singers, give up their day job to follow him and become 'dance-hall' stars.



School of Rock 'n' Roll

by S.K. Moore

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School of Rock 'n' Roll


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In 1961, Reg and Dorothy Calvert moved with their daughters from Southampton to Clifton Hall near Rugby. With them came an entourage of young musicians and singers. It did not take long for the inhabitants of Clifton -upon-Dunsmore to realise there were strange 'goings on' at the Hall. Rumour and gossip were rife. Who were these bohemian young men appearing in their village?

Behind the fun, laughter, glitz and glamour of show business, lies a powerful love story, poignant and sometimes heartbreakingly sad.

This book is not a nostalgic tale of sex, drugs and Rock 'n' Roll, although they are all contained within these pages. 

  • 39 images/photographs included, some never before published including photos of the Beatles and Tanya Day. 



Photo above:  2012.  50 year Re-Union of some of the 'boys' who were employed by Reg Calvert.  

Barney Peacock (drummer), Tony Burnett (drummer), Colin Angel/Wilsher (Singer and guitarist).  Susan Moore (author and artist, daughter of Reg & Dorothy Calvert.)  Danny Storm  / David Hurran (singer). Glen Dale / Richard Garforth (singer).  Geoff Chalk (guitarist).  Don Ker (guitarist).  Johnny Martin /Martin Upperdine, (singer and guitarist). 



STAGE PLAY Available for theatre groups to adapt as a play, with or without music, projected images etc.  Flexible script to suit the ability or theatre group and actors available.

Many things have been written about the 1950's and 60's.  Most of it myth and exaggerated.

This is a true story that will hold your audience from beginning to end.

THREE NEW PLAYS   based on the life and times of REG CALVERT 


(Top) June 1946 Reg and Dorothy Calvert on their wedding day. 

For more information and details about the plays visit: 


A new play - double bill - combining two plays, 'School of Rock & Roll' and 'Death of a Pirate'     With 1960's band:  Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - plus - projected archive photographs was performed on 4th November at the Abbey Theatre, Nuneaton.

Rehearsal Filmed - and BBC Midlands Today featured the play and interview with Susan Moore on 3rd November 2011.

For photographs from the play - see PHOTOS from play page.

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